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1098-T Tax Information

Need your tax information now? You can print your tax form from your EKU DIRECT account. Simply follow the instructions below to print out the form and submit with your taxes.

To Print Tax Information
1. Login to your EKU Student Web Account

a. Go to
b. Click on EKUDirect
c. Login to your personal student web account

2. Click on Student Services & Financial Aid
3. Click on Student Financial Services
4. Click on Tax Notification
5. Enter year (Example: 2013) for which you need tax documentation
6. Print

IRS Form 1098-T Information  

Recent IRS changes to reporting requirements for schools will result in changes to your 2018 1098T.  IRS regulations will require Eastern Kentucky University (and all universities) to report the amount of paid qualified tuition and fees in Box 1. This is different because the reporting of tuition and fees billed in Box 2 will no longer be allowed.

Please note, you should always consult your tax advisor with regard to these issues and Eastern Kentucky University is in no way providing tax advice or planning assistance. 

While it is not Eastern Kentucky University’s role to act as a tax advisor, we feel it is important that you know about the benefits available through the American Opportunity Tax Credit (Hope Scholarship) and Lifetime Learning Tax Credits.  Please share this important tax information with others if they will be claiming you as a dependent on their federal tax return.  For more information about the American Opportunity Tax Credit click here (  For more information on the Lifetime Learning Tax Credits click here (  If you feel that your circumstances should result in a tax deduction, EKU encourages you to contact your tax professional for advice.

In late January of each year, an IRS Form 1098-T is provided to students who qualified during the previous calendar year.  The 1098-T form is provided only electronically (through EKU Direct) to students who agreed to that delivery method.  Otherwise, Eastern Kentucky University provides both mailed IRS 1098-T forms and electronic web access to the IRS 1098-T information supplied to the Internal Revenue Service through their EKU Direct Accounts.


This Additional information may be helpful:

IRS Form 8863:  Education Credits
IRS Publication 970:  Tax Benefits for Education


Eastern Kentucky University cannot provide individual tax, legal, or accounting advice and shall not be liable for damages of any kind in connection with the information provided. Please contact your tax professional or the Internal Revenue Service at 1-800-TAX-1040 or visit their website.











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