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Book Vouchers

Click here for more information about the BookSmart Program. This program does not include course materials for graduate and dual credit students.

Available to Graduate Students Only - Fall 2021 Book Vouchers will be available on the following dates:

August 1st - 31st

If you need to discuss a lab package, please contact us at

Book Vouchers to be used at the EKU Bookstore can be requested from your EKU DIRECT account. All Students wishing to purchase their books on account MUST have a voucher to do so. Only those students who are eligible for Financial Aid and have signed a Title IV Authorization Form can request a book voucher.

The amount of the book voucher available is dependent on the amount of Financial Aid you will receive compared to the amount owed on your student account. Vouchers are available in $100, $200, $300, and $400 amounts.

Please note, if you complete the process for a book voucher and do not use the full amount, or choose to purchase your books elsewhere, you will receive a credit in the amount of your unused voucher in Mid-September. There are no credits for book vouchers before this time.

For students relying on the book voucher program to purchase books, he or she should complete a FAFSA for the upcoming year as soon as possible but no later than July 1 to receive books for the fall semester. After completing the FAFSA it is also important that students verify in EKU Direct that the Financial Aid Office is not requesting additional paperwork.

To Print a Book Voucher

 Login to your Student EKU Direct Account

  1. Login to EKU Direct
  2. Click on Student Services and Financial Aid
  3. Click on Student Financial Services
  4. Click on Book Voucher
  5. Select amount from drop down.
  6. Read and click I agree to the terms indicated
  7. Allow 1 hour for the system to update before attempting to purchase your books.
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