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Third Party Information

Third Party Payment Vouchers will not be accepted from any vendor that has a past due balance with the University for a prior semester.

The following Third Party participants will need to see specific instructions below on whom to contact for more information. If received after the beginning of the semester, authorizations take at least 3 days to process. If you do not see payment on your account, you may contact our office to see if we have received the paperwork, or you may contact the appropriate person listed below.



1.  Vocational Rehabilitation

Please have all information (grades, SATS, schedules) in to your Vocational Rehabilitation counselor before the beginning of each semester.  The counselor will send the authorization forms to the EKU Student Accounting Services office.  Book requests will go through the Barnes and Noble Book Store on Campus.  You may contact them at (859) 622-1269.  For more questions, please see your counselor.

2.  Veterans Rehabilitation

A list of eligible students will be sent to the EKU Student Accounting Services office from the EKU Office of Military and Veterans Affairs. Students with questions may contact that office in Burnam House, 317 Lancaster Ave., call them at (859) 622- 2345  or visit the Veterans Affairs web site at



1.  Veterans Scholarship/Police Officer & Firefighter Scholarship 

Students will need to submit their paper work to the EKU Scholarship office each semester.  The Scholarship Office is located in the Whitlock Building, Room 251 as a part of the Financial Aid Office.  They can be reached at (859) 622-2361.

2.  ROTC Scholarship

A list of eligible students is sent from John Cline CPT, Army ROTC Admissions Office to the EKU Student Accounting Services office each semester.  If you wish to contact the Army ROTC office for further questions, you may call (859) 622-1215.


1.  UK Air Force ROTC

A list of eligible students is sent from the University of Kentucky to our office. If you have further questions you may contact the UK office at (859)257-1986.

2.  National Guard (75%)

Authorization forms are sent to EKU Student Accounting Services from (502) 607-1550. If the National Guard is paying 100% of your tuition and fees, please contact the Scholarship Office at (859) 622-8032. The Scholarship Office is located in the Whitlock Building, Room 251.

3.  Fort Knox

Authorization forms must be turned in to Brenda Fegler for both first and second bi-terms, (502) 942-8628.

4.  Army Reserves

The student's Commanding Officer will send the authorizations to the EKU Student Accounting Services office. Contact 1-877-749-9063.

5.  Military Tuition Assistance

Officer's Training

It is the Student's responsibility to have all authorizations into the EKU Student Accounting Services office two weeks before classes begin. If authorization also covers books, please take a copy of the authorization to the Barnes & Noble On-Campus Bookstore at the time that you purchase your books.

1.  Department of Corrections

Contact Larry Gillis Personnel Administrator in Personnel Management Branch, (502) 564-4636.

2.  Department of Criminal Justice Training

Contact the Fiscal Office at the Funderburk Building Room 202, (859) 622-2300.

3.  Department of Juvenile Justice

Contact Lynn Sowder, EKU/TRC in the Stratton Building Room 300, (859) 622-6502.

State Agency

1.  Cabinet for Families and Children

Bring authorization forms to the EKU Student Accounting Services office located in the Student Services Building room 210.

     a.  Employees

          Please turn in your form to the EKU Student Accounting Services Office.  For further questions, you may contact Tammy Cole at the EKU Training Resource Center, Budget Office, Social Services Training Project located in the Stratton Building 300.  Or call at (859) 622-8122.

     b.  Wards of the State

          Contact your case worker

2Cabinet for Health Services
Contact Trinta Cox at (502) 564-2157.

3.  Cabinet for Public Protection and Regulation/Dept. of Finanial Institutions
Contact Stephanie Buford at (502)573-3390.

4.  Communities of Oakwood
Contact Paul Porter at (606) 677-4068, Extension 292.

5.  Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
Contact your Educational or Benefits Office at (502) 564-7109.

6.  Department of Mines and Minerals
Contact your Educational or Benefits Office at (502) 573-0140.

7.  Department of Public Advocacy
Contact Patti Heying (502) 564-8006, Extension 236.

8.  Kentucky Department of Parks
Contact Dawn Williams (502) 564-8110.

9.  Kentucky Retirement Systems
Contact the office at (502) 564-4646.

10.  Technical Education
Contact B.J. Gritton at (502) 564-6606



 Parents and/or students inquiring about use of their KAPT account may visit    

 The three areas on this site most helpful to account owners are the “Guide to using KAPT benefits”, the “Payout Value Chart” and the “Forms” option. 

 The most frequently used forms are the Billing Authorization, which is used for tuition and mandatory course fees only, and the Reimbursement Request, which is used for any other educational expense.  The Billing Authorization Form is to be presented to the appropriate university office for invoicing purposes.  The Reimbursement Request Form is handled directly between the KAPT account owner and KAPT.

 For any additional information or questions, please contact KAPT at 1-888-919-5278

A third party waiver is required for any student who has a third party payer for their student account.  The link for this form is found here. 

Third Party Waiver Form















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